The Feminine Mind – Her Emotional G-Spot

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Women often turn down sexual offers because they get a vibe that the guy wouldn’t be good in bed. Basically, she gets a vibe that he’s going to suck in bed. Here are two secrets that will help you to get a woman in bed You must learn to tap into her intuition, by making […]

Secrets of Female Sexual Psychology

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Did you know that many women want casual hookups just like men do? You might not believe this, but it is true. Women tend to be choosier than men when it comes to who they sleep with, and this is biologically programmed in them. As a matter of fact, if you have ever taken a […]

How to Communicate Better When Dating

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Relationships can be fun, but some people either don’t know that or just don’t care. I was watching a movie the other night and the friendships in the movie, on the surface, bordered on psychotic. The women were angry and argued with each other throughout the movie, and none of the men had a spine. […]

The Secret Code of Women

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I have seen a plenty of movies and TV shows where the women take on characteristics of the men they are dating. On one episode of Family Guy, Meg asks her boyfriend how he likes his eggs, and he asks her how she likes hers. Her reply was, “Let’s say what we like together” and […]

When Should You Get a Divorce?

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Divorce in our country is so rampant that one-third of those who have taken the plunge have also experienced the devastation of divorce. With the vast majority of people in America being married one or more times, it is common knowledge that every couple goes through a few rocky patches. Marriage problems can be solved […]

Building the Foundation for a Strong Relationship

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When it comes to building the foundation for a strong relationship, there are a few things you need to take into consideration and factor into your decisions. Now, as you know, my blog is not just about the relationships you have with your partner but also the relationships you have with strangers and even the […]